Soundinsight provides consultancy work. If you have an acoustics problem or would like some advice in acoustics, you can contact us. We will be happy to discuss your queries and work on the feasibility.

We have a variety of expertise:

Acoustics measurements

As part as our consultancy portfolio, we offer acoustics measurements. Of course, the SonoCat is used to determine sound direction or sound absorption. It is also used to measure more conventional acoustic quantities needed for the project, such as the sound pressure level, A-C weighted or not, sound power level. Other acoustical equipment is used for specific usage.

Mechanical and physical acoustics

Fundamental of acoustics cannot be addressed without mechanical and physical knowledge. At Soundinsight we have a strong expertise in engineering acoustics and enjoy working on the mathematical concepts applying to acoustics challenges.


Sound is travelling through a medium but also at a surface of vibrating surfaces. Along with aeroacoustics, vibroacoustics is an important feature when considering acoustics systems, such as transducers.

Modelling and simulation

Acoustics is the science of physical phenomena that encounter waves production, transmission, absorption, reflection. The propagation of a sound will behave differently depending on the environment and its boundaries. Calculation and simulation can greatly help the understanding of this behaviour and are primordial in order to model a space or a structure. Our expertise allows us to achieve such a simulation and tackle complex projects.

Psychoacoustics and Sound perception

Acoustics is primarily based on physical concepts and objective measurements, however sound has a strong perceptual component when dealing with humans. This dimension is also covered under the expertise of Soundinsight.

Sound reproduction

Sound is emitted from a single source but can also be reproduced by one or more loudspeakers / headphones. Sound reproduction studies are aiming to reproduce the sound as it would be emitted by a real source outside the reproduction setup. Different 3D technologies, such as binaural, ambisonics and wave field synthesis have been developed to reach this target and give to the listener a sense of immersion in the recorded audio environment. Soundinsight has the expertise to deal with this challenging target.