In-situ sound absorption measurements

Sound absorption:

With the Sonocat you can scan an area and a (spatially) averaged absorption value is obtained. The probe can measure the absorption coefficient for regular acoustic materials & scattering materials like complex shaped noise barriers and diffracting elements. This does not require long sessions or calculations. The coefficient is shown in real time.

Measuring in situ sound absorption has the great advantage that the actual performance of an absorbing material can be measured at the location where it is installed. ​

And when we say in-situ, we mean in-situ. We use what the situation offers. So, no artificial sound source is needed, no samples need to be cut out and there is no minimum surface area required.



+ Measurements in real conditions

+ Real-time results

+ Easy handling

+ No artificial sound source required

+ All sizes

+ All forms

+ All materials

+ Non-destructive