Sonocat Software

The SonoCat is easy to use and the Sonocat software is dedicated to Sonocat measurements. It can be used on any Windows computer with USB. The software environment allows you to monitor, record and analyse data collected by Sonocat.
Sonocat software has four sections. Project, monitor, record & analyse. Each section has its own panel.
The project panel shows an overview of the project and the measurements.
In the monitor panel, various quantities of the sound field can be measured in real time.
For precision measurements, the measurement panel is used. Here, you have full control over all measurement parameters. And you can save measurements for analysis.
The analysis panel can be used to calculate, analyse, compare, combine or export measurement results.
For an impression of the software, you can view the screenshots in the gallery below.


The software can only be used with a Sonocat and a license. Need one? Contact us.